About Us


This site was created by people who live in the GTA area and are frustrated with the Municipalities long winded process to acquire building permits.

Our Goal

To work towards defining a clear process to acquire a building permit through the local municipality. Define people responsible with the local municipality. Provide a checklist with key deliverables and milestones defined.
If enough people post their comments with the frustrations they have with the process this will help to elevate the issue to key people within the government that can make a difference.

Our Founders

Dave Collings, A Home owner

Dave, works for an Engineering Company as the Manager of IT. His career spans over 30 years in the Automotive manufacturing sector.

Michael Upshall, Custom Homes, Design and Renovations

Michael , the founder of PROBUILT, is a master carpenter at heart who naturally progressed into a renovator and builder. His career spans over 35 years, and his collection of awards and recognitions continue to grow. He was the first two-time recipient of the BILD “Renovator of the Year” Award (2002 & 2006).