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The Beginning

When my wife and I first decided to buy a place and renovate, for sure we though the most difficult task would be to find a good renovator. Long before purchasing the property a search began. Going to home shows, checking out past renovations etc. As it turns out that was the easy part.

The Professionals

We have talked to some people in this sector, there are a lot issues here and we are trying to figure out how to organize the issues in order to be presented in a logical format.

In general what can be said, a lot of professionals are getting frustrated with delays in the permit process.

It encourages homeowners to attempt major renovations without acquiring building permits or using certified Professionals.
Professionals grow tired of the bureaucracy and are turning down work or being selective where they work. Many have tried fighting the system, offering suggestions, but all fail.

Depending of the type of work being done, painting or flooring for example it may be totally fine to use a home handyman. But if the renovation is more extensive requiring electrical, plumbing and structural work it is in the best interest of the home owner to protect themselves and get the job done right.

The underlying message here is by the municipalities complicating the process to acquire a permit allows the uncertified trades to thrive and grow. While the professionals that take the time and added expense to get certified, continue to educate themselves, become members of building associations, are essentially penalized for there efforts. In the long run everyone looses, quality suffers and in some cases the work needs to be redone at greater homeowner expense.

Note: this section is still under construction.