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In our particular case we are renovating, why are questions being asked about existing structures. Are they not legally nonconforming?

the city has the existing structures on out site plan submitted to the city. What is the point to waste time and effort on existing structure.

The house was purchased as is.

What do you think?
Planning and Regulatory Services Deportment (Policy Division)

The Planning & Regulatory Services Department provides Planning and Building related services to Council, other departments and the general public. The mission statement of the department is to serve the public by ensuring and maintaining a safe, healthy and quality living environment through the administration of Planning and Building policies and regulations in a timely, cost-effective and consistent manner. Each division within the department has responsibility for various stages and aspects of land development and construction of buildings as well as the administration of various Town By-laws. We respond to specific needs of Council, the public and the development industry.

Taking a look around our area we are proposing a design the fits with the surrounding buildings and environment. The selection of materials and colours were carefully selected and proposed the the city.

The feed feedback received was requesting specific information about materials used and the fact there is a smaller lower bungalow to the west.

Yet looking directly across the street within the last few years a huge town house was built right beside a tiny bungalow on a 20 foot wide property. The height difference between these 2 building is way more dramatic than in our case. It does not make any sense why in our case we are asked to redesign when across the street exists a case far worse.

What do you think?

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